In this 1993 Sci Fi drama two cops investigating the murder of a young boy become involved in a very secret project involving alien life. When I was offered this booking the casting director asked me if I had claustrophobia as I would be enclosed in a diver type of suit.   Naturally I accepted the job. As you can see at the end of the clip one of the yellow suited men was me.

 During the day, the director, John Eyres,  decided he needed a corpse and asked me if I would mind portraying that part.  

Then he sent me to make-up to turn me into a corpse.   They worked on me for nearly 2 hours and did a superb job.  In fact it was so good, everyone from the director on down wanted to take selfies with me.   It took almost 20 minutes for the crew to enjoy a selfie with the corpse.  Here’s the final corpse product:


 When we were ready to tape this short scene in which the camera pans over my inert body, Mr. Eyres with an impish look decided to  copy a page from Hitchcock.   But instead of appearing in person he had a tag attached to my big toe with his name prominently printed on it.   During the taping the camera actually pans around my foot and zooms in on the tag.  I guess the editors decided it was not good enough to leave in the final print.  




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