Montage of some dances from the first  class. Here you can see the rough stone that will turn into a graceful swan in a few weeks. The first video in this clip  is a new Okinawan dance that I really enjoy and wish I could dance correctly.

 Here we go with the first Obon Festival at the Valley Japanese Community Center June 21, 2014. The Bon Odori Uta:

 Oops. This dance name escapes me for the moment. 🙂


 Finally The Fisherman’s Dance


Yesterday, August 17, 2014 was the closing ceremony for the Nisei Festival in Little Tokyo.   This is my favorite Bon Odori.   As you can see we had a lot of fun.  I danced almost every dance for 2 1/2 hours.   Here are a couple of the dances.   My grand daughter Angie and her boyfriend danced also.   She is really getting to enjoy the Bon Odoris now.  Also in my party are a couple of friends of Angie’s boyfriend.  They were so enchanted with this festival they want to take some lessons next year and participate in the dancing also.  



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