Obon Festivals 2013

Obon season is over for 2013.   Oh wait.  I just said that yesterday? No it seems like yesterday but it was 12 months ago.   The bon dances are so enjoyable that the two months of the Obon Festivals fly by in time compressed to a few minutes.   As always I participated in 6 separate venues after two weeks of class sessions.
The Nisei Week Festival Closing Ceremony.  Great grand daughter Ryan seems to like being in front of the camera.   Another actor in the family? 🙂

At the Nishi Hongwanji Obon.   Yes I need a haircut.  🙂

At the  Higashi Honganji Obon.   It begins with the Bon Odori uta which  is performed at many ceremonies to start the dance portion of the festivals.  I love the mesmerizing beat of the drum and the feet and hand movements.   It instills a feeling of peace.   Behind me you may recognize my friend Erin and her daughter Kayla that I introduced last year.   We meet at the Obons and enjoy dancing together.    Later in the video you will see her other daughter Ashlin.


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