Steve McQueen – Wanted Dead Or Alive

As I indicated in previous blogs  during my last two years of active background work in the 1950s I was a stand-in for Robert Taylor on The Detectives and for Russell Johnson on the Black Saddle.   When these shows went on any kind of hiatus, I was automatically booked on any of the other productions on the lot.  Four Star Productions was at it’s height during this time with many weekly TV series.    And so it was that I was booked quite often on Wanted Dead Or Alive usually crossing the street too far from the camera to be recognized.  


However, watching replays of this drama on METV I was gratified and surprised with this nice scene where I worked so close in a 3 shot with Steve McQueen.   I honestly don’t remember this although I do recall the demeanor of Steve McQueen on the set…. full of fun, full of play and friendly with all the extras around him.    

Well here’s the bonus, the gal is none other than Jeanne Cooper back when she was a supporting player. Having been a Young And Restless addict for years, I found it immensely satisfying to find myself in the same scene with this immensely popular and beloved character on the Y&R stages.  

This was from the Dec 5, 1959 episode Man On Horseback:

A little slideshow from this clip:



Finding more moments I spent on this series. 1960 Episode  – “The Twain Shall Meet” with Steve McQueen and Michael Lipton:






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