Our Miss Brooks

This long running school series comedy of the early 1950s was so popular it was finally made into a feature film at Warner Bros.   During the series, it was filmed at the old Desilu Studios in Culver City a short walk from MGM.   I had the pleasure of working in both the series and the movie.  

Eve Arden had the comedic instincts of true genius.   The arsenal of personal looks she produced from smirking to shocked surprise were so laughable few could resist joining in the mirth evoked in the audience.  And so it was with us working by her side and straining to repress the laughter that would not have been appreciated by the director.  During my career only working with Jerry Lewis caused me so much pain from biting my tongue, my lips and my cheeks to repress even the slightest chuckle during a take (when the camera is recording a scene). 🙂  

One other thing stands out in my recollections, the unbelievable frigidity of the stages at Desilu Studios (did they never hear about heaters?).    And it seems I always worked night shots at Warner Bros during the coldest days of the year (see my James Dean blog). Fortunately the huge bonfire in this set offered a welcome warmth at least while it was allowed to burn.  


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