Alan Ladd In The McConnell Story

Such an imposing figure on the theater screen yet always a problem for the directors to accommodate his 5’6″ frame when working with more statuesque co-stars.    So it was when I worked with Alan Ladd in two sequences in The McConnell Story.   In the first set, we were Air Force trainees out for our regular morning jumping jacks and push up PT.   I was placed 3 rows back behind Alan Ladd as only the shorter guys were positioned next to and immediately behind him.   I’m not posting that clip as I’m just a blur.  

I observed several tricks employed by the directors to equalize Alan Ladd with June Allyson.    I thought the effects were magnificent.  

In this scene in the classroom as we are all seated there was no need to select who would be noticeable near him.    So you can see me a few seats to his left near the window.

Close ups slideshow:


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