Obon Festivals 2012

This year it was obvious that Bon dancing is catching on big-time in ever greater numbers with the average public. If you still have not attended a Bon Odori dance festival you are missing out on a great happy friendly family venue. Good news, you can attend one beginning in June, 2013. 🙂 Let’s get started with some sample clips from the recent season.

The last dance class with my new 2012 sensei Christine Inouye, the Memanbetsu Bayashi, this year’s favored dance. This was at the San Fernando Valley Japanese American Community Center. The pretty gal in front of me in red coat is Erin San Andres who has become my Obon dance partner. I count on her to keep me in sync. 🙂 :

The Bon Odori Uta at the first Obon I attended at the SFV JACC. I love this dance.  It is so peaceful.   The beat of the drum entrancing.   At many Obon’s this is the traditional opening dance for the dance portion of the festivals. See my great-grand-daughter Ryan at the end:

There are two JACCs in the San Fernando Valley.  Here is a two dance montage at the second SFVJACC.  The Shiawase Samba and the 1+1 Ondo. My grand-daughter Angie is becoming addicted to this dance form too and dances with me here:

Moving to downtown Los Angeles in Little Tokyo a montage at the Nishi Hongwanji Betsuin Obon: Angie is the filmographer.  She still has trouble filming and keeping the camcorder straight. This clip begins by focusing on my other dance sensei, Trish.   She is in the center of the frame for the first minute:

At the Higashi Honganji Obon:

At the Nisei Festival featuring my sensei Christine Inouye in the beginning. This dance is the Olympic Ondo written for the British Olympics.

And finally a new fan dance at the Nisei Festival.  I had not had a dance class session for this number so I look a little awkward..ne?   On the other hand I think I caught on fairly well. I liked this dance with a little South Of The Border flavor with the hand on the hip.   All I needed was a red rose in my teeth.   🙂  I think this will be the dance of choice in the 2013 season:


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