Andy Griffith

I had the honor of working with Andy Griffith on two movies, A Face In The Crowd and No Time For Sergeants.   In No Time For Sergeants, I was in the scene where he gets on the recruit’s bus in his home town.    In the bar fight scene later in the movie  I was a sailor sitting at the bar.   I will post a clip of the fight scene in a few days.   In both scenes Andy kept us in tears of laughter.   An incredible talent for comedy until we believed this gangly bumpkin from the backwoods was Andy’s normal facade.    Even in discussions with the director he had the comedic drawl that made it impossible for the director to keep a straight face.    Through the years, though I never worked with him again, each time I saw any of his TV series I felt as if I was watching a beloved family member.   He will be missed.

Closeups slide show:

Click here to see the bar fight scene


One thought on “Andy Griffith

  1. U r so lucky to have worked with Andy Griffith even though it was just one time. He was a terrific actor and musician. I know that Ron Howard is grieving for this lost.

    RIP Mr. Griffith. (I still watch his television shows when I can.)

    Thanks again Ralph for sharing your memories.

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