The Great Mom Swap

A balmy day in 1995 at the Los Angeles Arboretum.   That was the location for the scenes I was booked for.    The flowers were in bloom, the catered lunch was magnificent.   The cast was friendly in high spirits.   Most of all Sid Caesar had his A game going keeping us in hysterical laughter as he rattled off his comedic chatter non-stop.    

Valerie Harper who I adored as the indefati-gable Rhoda was so concerned that we don’t stay in the sun too long.  At one point she grabbed my arm and gently guided me into the shade with an admonition to stay out of the sun.   A real mother hen…. 🙂  This was more like a family picnic than a production company.   I played a senior citizen listening to the purposely imperfect jazz combo wearing one of my light blue golf  hats.


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