Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

This episode is “The Washington Affair” in which  I play a senator…   An interesting 3 day booking at a facility opposite from the Ambasador Hotel before it was demolished.     What was somewhat memorable for me, during the make up session each day for my  sideburns,  I got into a long discussion with one of the make-up men.    He was telling me about the more complex make-up moments in his career.  As we chatted I mentioned the Ten Commandments with it’s complicated make-up especially for Debra Paget.    The make-up man then informed me that Debra Paget was his sister.    During the ensuing conversation he filled me in as to Debra’s current status in that she is involved with a religious program in Texas.     He told me that he talks to her very often.   I asked him to relay to her how much I enjoyed watching her dance sequence during the Ten Commandmants filming.   Especially since Mr. DeMille, the absolute perfectionist, insisted she perform her dance over and over until he was finally satisfied.  🙂 This scene took 3 days to shoot. Each day the make-up person pasted different side burns on me. If you look closely at my sideburns in the first couple of scenes and compare them to the last scene, the difference will be very obvious. 🙂

Some actors are so compelling that I have to be careful from getting too engrossed with their acting. In the third pause of the clip can you see how I was getting caught up in Jane Seymour’s excellent rendition.  Towards the end of the  scene she had tears coming to her eyes and I found my eyes beginning to tear in sympathy. 🙂



If you plan to watch this episode in the future – don’t watch this clip as it will have some spoilers.


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