The Mommies

From Wikipedia:

“The Mommies is the name of an American female comedy duo whose real-life tales of suburban life, domestication, family, marriage and other odds and ends, would serve as their comedic trademark.

The duo consists of Marilyn Kentz and Caryl Kristensen, who met as neighbors in Petaluma, California in the late 1980s. It was their family and friends that convinced them that they should take a chance and start an act because they had a knack for comedy. The gamble paid off and the two are still performing together.”

I was booked in the episode “Four Mommies And A Funeral”  which was also the last episode for the series.   The director on this episode was Frank Bonner…. remember him?  The character Herb Tarlek in the comedy series “WKRP In Cincinnati”.   

We had a day of rehearsal and the following day we did the live show at Warner Bros.    Frank gathered us on the stage and explained the scene we would be working in.   Then he paused, looked us all over, finally pointed at me and said “you look like a drunk so you will be the drunk”.   He had us in stitches with an endless comedic chatter about the scene we were about to rehearse.   He picked me for the drunk since I had let my hair grow rather long in back which gave me the appearance of a homeless drunk in a suit.  🙂 

I tried looking like the drunk he wanted me to be.   The day of the live show, I loosened my tie to half mast and slewed my suit jacket down from my neck slouching as if ready to pass out.    The audience was already seated and in a jovial mood.   Then the thunderous voice of the director boomed over the loudspeakers “Mr. Moratz, you’re overdoing the drunk bit,  restore your jacket and tie to a more decorous appearance please”.   The audience that had already been primed to laugh at the slightest provocation broke out in hilarity.    I took a short bow…. I enjoyed being the clown for the 2 or so minutes that I was the center of attraction.  


2 thoughts on “The Mommies

  1. Strange question, but do you have this entire episode on tape? Would be interested in a dub or computerised copy if possible? Get in touch if we might be able to work anything out!

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