The Wacky Adventures of Dr. Boris and Nurse Shirley

This was the strangest dark comedy I ever worked in. I played the butler. This was only shown in those funny off beat theaters like the Laemle theaters and movie fair type venues.

Even working on it was unusual. When I got the booking I was given an address in Beverly Hills to report to. When I got there, the two gals who played the maids  were there also. We saw no sign of a production company, just a very upscale exclusive neighborhood in the millionaire section of the city. Eventually some older guy opened an attic window and yelled down at us ‘What the heck are you doing here’. It turned out he was the director and this was his home. 🙂

The casting office had switched the booking address with his home. We told him we were booked on the production. He told us to wait and then we formed a small cavalcade of cars driving all the way to downtown LA to the Bonaventure Hotel about 25 miles.  The Bonaventure is a very high class hotel in Downtown Los Angeles. The production co. had rented a $5,000 a day suite on the top floors for one day of shooting. That’s where we shot the first scenes in the clip. There was just one wardrobe person there representing the wardrobe department.   

I had been told to wear a tuxedo.  The director decided that my black tux jacket would look better on the actor playing the richest person in the world (Clive Revill).   So we switched jackets. 

The second and subsequent days we shot in an apartment building in the seedier part of Hollywood. An apartment on the upper floors served as the production, wardrobe and, makeup departments. Wardrobe was kept in the apartment closet. We shot the shooting scenes in the underground garage. Paul Bartel the star was getting tired, so I offered him my portable lawn lounge that I always bring on sets with me. He sat down and it promptly caved in under him from his weight.  🙂   

The person playing Nurse Shirley was constantly keeping us in stitches of hilarity until it became nearly impossible to keep a straight face during a take.   



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