Paul Newman

Because I worked so many movies in the 1950s I cannot recall most of them.    Look, we get to the set and the uppermost thought in our minds is to get into a poker or pitch game (pitch on Westerns).   🙂  So it’s always a pleasant surprise to find myself staring back at me while viewing some oldie on TCM (Turner Classic Movies).     And even more gratifying to see my old friends from the 1950s.   Just like looking at an old photo album.

I can only recall working with Paul Newman one time on Somebody Up There Likes Me.    Yet here I was again prominently sitting behind Paul in the first row of spectators’ seats at his trial in the movie “The Rack”.   I remember him very well from Somebody Up There Likes Me.    Yet I can’t be seen in that.  I worked in the crowded tenement street scene set where there was some kind of parade.   I’m almost sure I was up on one of the fire escapes.   I also remember being part of a group of about 5 of us extras in a very amiable animated conversation with Paul.   The big stars of the 50s were usually very friendly with the extras.    Many of them would blow a scene just to put us on overtime if we were just a few minutes away.  OT in the 50s was not time and a half.   It was added in 2 hour chunks.  So if we worked one minute into OT we would get another 2 hours pay.  I liked that system better than today’s 6 minute calculations.  🙂   Jerry Lewis was notorious for getting the extras additions to their base pay.

Well, here’s the clip from The Rack.   I only put up the clip where I sit behind him.   As I watched the movie, I found myself in different seats around the court room on different trial days.   Only I could spot myself so I don’t want to bore you with clips where I’m off in the distance.  🙂




4 thoughts on “Paul Newman

  1. Ralph,
    Your welcome. Have a wonderful week. I will read your blogs because it is a part of history and many of the actors you have met interest me including you.

    Take care,

    Lei M.

  2. Ralph, you should write a book about your acting life. Thanks for sharing all what you know about “The Acting Business”.


    Lei M.

    • Thank you Lei for the compliment. Once I feel I have enough blogs to cover the portion of my career that I can recall, I may take your suggestion and write an eBook based on my blogs.


      • Ralph, Thanks for your quick response. I will be reading your blog for sometime because you do have interesting information.
        Very much appreciate your history of your life. Have a wonderful week. A fan.

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